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[Jay Naylor] The Gift

Posted:2017-03-05 20:34
File Size:9.30 MB
Length:20 pages
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Average: 4.61

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Posted on 05 December 2016, 18:49 UTC by:   Polokun   
Score +237
We get it Jay! Your world of porn revolves around goddamn philosophy involving perfection and cheating! Will you shut the fuck UP about it already!?
Posted on 05 December 2016, 18:59 UTC by:   Avarel   
Score +270
Makes me wonder, does Jay makes porn solely based on concept of NTR because he really considers it the best kind of porn or is it just because his fans want him to draw shit like that and since he doesn't want to dissapoint them, keeps doing so.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 19:38 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +307
Ooooooooh boy, shall we predict what the story is gonna be like?

1: The tied up guy is forced to listen to the dog girl being fucked and impregnated by a canine character while she chants moaning about how he will never get her.

2: The dog girl sits on the guy's face and forces him not to cum until she does and states that he will never have her.

or 3 which is the least likely: The guy is a model and the dog girl's girlfriend and the dialog is just a part of what she is trying to say in the painting and in the end, they have a good laugh and have nice cozy love making.

Place your bets!
Posted on 05 December 2016, 20:12 UTC by:   Dos-Tree   
Score +66
It's probably going to be the first one: guy's bound and she's already starting on the monologue.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 20:16 UTC by:   Dzoniopusten   
Score +29
Definitely the first, judging by Naylors track-record.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 21:05 UTC by:   MetaSnake   
Score +26
New Jay Naylor, already sounds pretentious as hell, and we've already got someone in the comments who is telling people to just ignore it if they don't like it.

I sat through Aron, let's see if the Art can carry this one.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 21:43 UTC by:   Wolvien   
Score +63
Naylor's porn would be improved to the point of perfection by simply erasing all parts of the page except the dicks and butts. You know, the two things he does with any consistent quality.

No more cringey dialog, awful poetry, political dissertations, melting faces or sausage fingers.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 22:18 UTC by:   all41   
Score +42
Well, at least he isn't using an established character this time.

Edit: Think i take that back, though Rachel have seen worse times.
Last edited on 05 January 2017, 19:32 UTC.
Posted on 05 December 2016, 23:49 UTC by:   Polokun   
Score +144
We're not knocking Jay for his fetishes, we're knocking how pretentious and smart sounding he keeps trying to be in his goddamn porn. It's like trying to take a High School Philosophy course while the teacher is having sex, and you're supposed to take it 100% seriously.
Posted on 06 December 2016, 00:55 UTC by:   x34   
Score +18
Maybe the dude likes being dominated and shittalked, or more probably its going to descend in a classic jay naylor comic where the dude sits there bound hearing this chick getting railed by a horse
Posted on 06 December 2016, 01:04 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +59
- Me, I just want stories involving characters we've grown to love in his NON-porn works, and put into situations that compliment the characters and vice-a-versa. Amy's Little Lamb Summer Camp Adventure, Puppy Love, Puss in Boots, On The Rebound... THESE are the kinds of stories *I* want to see again.
Posted on 06 December 2016, 07:34 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +37
I do find myself missing some of his earlier stories like "Girly". But that might be because there was little to no dialogue.
Posted on 06 December 2016, 08:36 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +186
We don't really "freak" out as you put it. If you wanna see us "freak" out, then read the comments for the manga "A World That I Rule" by Rozer which is just a godawful manga.

This is more like making fun of the fact that the artist while a pretty good artist just can't stop doing the same old repeat track of his own way of storytelling that only comes out as cringe worthy pretentious and pompous while preaching about objectivism, stating that he "traditionally leans right of center" and such. Naylor inserts these ideals in his comics with the female characters embracing their roles based on it. Like how everything has a identity in life, so the female characters are accepting their roles and identity as either dominating cheating neotare lovers and reasons that they will become a mother by some random stranger or just be happy to have sex with everything in her path because that can make others happy.
These sort of ethical egoism that most Naylor's comics is filled to the brick with, is what we are mostly tired of these day and make fun of it. We may have loved Naylor's comics one time or another but we all grew out of it once we realized that Naylor seem like he was stuck in that single mindedness of his and he still gets paid because of it. There are a lot of worse comics out there to be sure and we make even harsher comments about those whenever we get the chance but this is just a pure comedic pot of gold.
Last edited on 06 December 2016, 08:58 UTC.
Posted on 11 December 2016, 22:49 UTC by:   SSSdriver   
Score +60
Holy fucking shit it's that whore rabbit cunt named Rachel that was supposed to be dead on drug overdose a long time ago... He keeps bringing her back.
Last edited on 11 December 2016, 23:42 UTC.
Posted on 11 December 2016, 23:14 UTC by:   Hinoron   
Score +18
I do believe we have seen this girl bunny before... showing up on her married ex's doorstep, fresh out of prison, with a cigarette in her mouth, looking for naaaasty D+S, NTR sex.
Posted on 12 December 2016, 00:00 UTC by:   MetaSnake   
Score +89
Dear fucking god we've evolved. What's next? Saying shit about how the only reason she's alive is to be bred by a superior man?

Take your bets people, how pretentious can Naylor get?
Posted on 12 December 2016, 04:43 UTC by:   dman69   
Score +103
I don't really have anything against Jay Naylor, but good lord can we just get something where two people like each other and then fuck?
Posted on 12 December 2016, 05:02 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +69
Agreed. 'Membah when people fucked because they actually LIKED each other?? Ooh, AH 'membah! ^_^
Posted on 12 December 2016, 05:17 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +45
...........................(O_O) !

Is that fucking RACHEL?!
Posted on 13 December 2016, 06:24 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +20

I bet by the end, SOMEHOW, Rachel will have made both siblings fall madly in love with her, then she'll leave them because they bore her.
Posted on 13 December 2016, 06:26 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +74
When did furry porn get so controversial?
Posted on 14 December 2016, 04:24 UTC by:   anonymouslyours   
Score +45
Jay Naylor's got kind of a reputation, to put it lightly.
Posted on 14 December 2016, 08:02 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +32

It mostly has to do with the dialogue that accompanies some of his stories.
Posted on 17 December 2016, 18:17 UTC by:   MooterMoot   
Score +39
So, while I can see how this sort of overly-pompous dialogue can get on the nerves of peeps who just want some good smut (trust me, I usually come for the art when it comes to Naylor), I'll at least wait until the comic is finished before judging it. In truth, I would love to see more of his adorable short comics, like Dixie and the such. Not so much cheating, and if possible, more Male Human on Female Furry action since it's so rarely done. Though Dog Days was pretty cute, even if it was simplistic. Could be worse.
Posted on 18 December 2016, 02:07 UTC by:   anonymouslyours   
Score +44
Think we'll ever see a happy relationship with no cuckolding/cheating, no rough edges, or anything like that from Naylor that isn't Fisk? Seriously.
Posted on 19 December 2016, 16:55 UTC by:   Dos-Tree   
Score +22
yeah same. I love a nice bush and Jay had that in spades. unfortunately he seems to really want to be cucked by a black guy so most of his work suffers for it.
Posted on 31 December 2016, 19:58 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +19
A big update with several new pages and not ONE of them has anything to do with the story. Better to leave the dialogue to our imaginations then? lol
Posted on 01 January 2017, 14:50 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +32

thanks for posting that. It's good to know beyond a doubt that there's someone out there who has less of a life than me.
Posted on 02 January 2017, 18:19 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +17

real update won't be until the 5th ot 6th. Just felt like padding the gallery with some related images.
Posted on 05 January 2017, 19:40 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +130
"I'm a slut, she's a slut, pretentious dialogue to justify it, blah-blah-blah..." I'm going back to Naylor's earlier works where his characters fucked because they ENJOYED each others' company, and that's all the justification that was needed.
Posted on 05 January 2017, 21:01 UTC by:   MetaSnake   
Score +92
"I must break her because she was getting off and wanted to have sex instead of being a broken slave and made to have sex."

Jesus christ on high, what the fuck is this writing.
Posted on 05 January 2017, 22:04 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +31

porn writing. If you're here for the dialogue then you're already lost.
Posted on 05 January 2017, 23:32 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +53

But the writing is taking precedence over everything else.

Even trashy romance novels don't ooze this much long winded philosophical nonsense of why dicks go in vaginas...Or lack there of in some instances. I think it's mostly just a round-a-bout way of saying the siblings are ridiculously hot for each other, yet can't be together.
Last edited on 07 January 2017, 01:49 UTC.
Posted on 06 January 2017, 10:36 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +20
Erm... Is it just me, or did Naylor read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy from start to finish and actually thought that it would be a great inspiration for a comic mixed with his ideal about objectism and ethical egoism featuring furry characters who is willing to be brain wiped into submission instead of being willing on her own to be a slave pet...


God, this is a WRECK. This is like all the soggy bondage novels that no one have any idea about bondage actually works... ~ My brain is trying to escape through my ears...!
Posted on 07 February 2017, 18:55 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +16
PG. 14 - Heh... At this point I'm hoping that Rachel will be so deprived of what she wants that she'll be able to psychologically cope with not having any sex AT ALL. She just becomes numb to all this sex happening around her and decides that she doesn't need it like she thought she did.

"Hey, Tommy. I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by. Yes, yes, I'm sure that you still hate me for what I did and what I was, and who could blame you? I don't want what you THINK I want. I just wanted to apologize for being such a fucking slut. I don't do that kind of thing anymore, and honestly... it feels GOOD. I feel like I can just be me without having to depend on others getting off to or with me to like myself. I just... AM. I'm not trying to get you back, or break up you and your family. (It looks like you've made quite the life for yourself.) I would just like for us to be friends. If you don't want that, that's ok, and it'll be ok for me too. Just wanted to throw that out there and say 'Hello'." :)
Posted on 08 February 2017, 03:53 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +26
Really roundabout way to say those people are kinky. Also, I don't believe for one hot second that Rachel will be broken.
Posted on 08 February 2017, 18:42 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +17

Would it really be worth it?
Posted on 11 February 2017, 06:09 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +30

My point about rewrites is that I don't see the point in doing them.
These are pornographic comics & while the dialogue is often cringe worthy I don't think it detracts from the visual quality.

Is there better written stuff out there? Hell yes. Sunstone is a great example. But I don't think that obligates Naylor to bring his work up to the same level.

Plus on a legal/ethical side, I don't think it's OK to rewrite/edit an artist's work.
Posted on 20 February 2017, 12:54 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +18

She's a side-character from Jay Naylors old webcomic "Better Days"
she was a slutty whore- really just an nonredeemable character meant to act as a foil for the main cast.
Anyway after her role in the comic had ended, people kept asking (bugging) Naylor about her.
So he drew a picture of her having OD'd in a bathroom stall & covered in spunk- at least she "died" doing what she loved.
But Naylor's obviously resurrected her (perhaps due to popular demand).

OK, the writing on page 17 is shit garbage.
Last edited on 05 March 2017, 20:36 UTC.
Posted on 05 March 2017, 23:01 UTC by:   Mr.BonBon   
Score +30
It's said end right? (Checks, says it ended) why the fuck does this seem so incomplete? (Checks again) I seen stories with ambiguous endings before, but I... (Rereads) Okay, this ending was shit.

So, how do I think it could get better?
1: change the plot slightly (literally dodge the ending problem)
2: insert joke at the end (Jay's done it before)
3: hook panel (one last panel referencing what's actually going on)

My brain is mid-fap people! It can't take as much subtle nuance as when I'm reading a normal fucking book! Wait, is that the point?! My head is full of fuck, oh man, there goes my stiff...
Posted on 06 March 2017, 00:46 UTC by:   MetaSnake   
Score +17
And it's over. A ride this was.

I'm pretty sure this is just Naylor being pissy at the people who weren't happy with when he killed her off originally, and went: "HERE, YOU WANT HER SO BAD, HAVE HER NOW."

Jesus christ, let's just hope that the Brooke one doesn't get this ridiculous.
Posted on 06 March 2017, 03:03 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +17

That's it?! Well, I guess a sequel is on the way if those final lines were any indication.
Posted on 06 March 2017, 06:11 UTC by:   rikame   
Score +29
I read the comments before the comic expecting the usual laugh about Jay and boy am I glad that I did
Posted on 06 March 2017, 10:37 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +17
Oh man... this.. This was something alright.

The moment I saw "The End" at the last page of this comic, I just roared with laughter for five minutes. Ever since this comic was being published about four months ago, we all had a lot of fun discussing the potential story that was going to happen and mocking the hell of it right at page one. We just thrived at how ludicrous the story went at the direction of eff-all avenue at every update.

This was like Jay Naylor being the best and total worse with his way of storytelling at the same time. His artwork and layout while pretty damn good, the lack of actual background was lack-lusting and annoying and I don't think that I need to mention that his writing is BEYOND abysmal with no real idea about how BDSM or bondage is really about. I discussed Naylor's writing with a friend of mine and we agree on that he is like the porn version of Frank Miller, the kind of writing that only a man whose dwindling sanity could do. Not exactly "Holy Terror" bad, but it is just a matter of time that Naylor WILL produce something that will be his magnum opus of worse porn comic, this is merely his closer steps towards it.

Its the same with "Brooke Goes to College", I had big hopes that it would be Naylor's breaking away from his traditional pattern by doing a pornographic parody of the typical "bisexual college girl" settings but no, now I know it is going the same way Naylor only KNOWS he can do.

And we can't love to hate him more for it XD
Posted on 08 March 2017, 20:57 UTC by:   thecriticofinnocence   
Score +7
I wonder what happened for this to have such a clusterfuck.
Posted on 09 March 2017, 10:39 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score -20

Who is the bigger idiot here? The perverted idiots or the idiot who even bothered to post a comment just for a cheap kick for reactions?
Posted on 14 March 2017, 03:45 UTC by:   AwsomeItalian   
Score +15
I'm reading the comments and seeing the rating, someone is wrong here and I don't know who
Posted on 16 March 2017, 20:02 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +1

vocal minority + hypocrisy + it's porn
Posted on 22 March 2017, 17:27 UTC by:   BigPerv666   
Score +27
This guy really should add a "textless version of my comics" reward to one of his Patreon tiers. Jesus.
Posted on 09 October 2017, 08:54 UTC by:   Arcanine813   
Score +4

The spotted hyena didn't even have a penis in this, she has a vagina.
'Accurate' my ass, look at it a second time instead of being a blind dumbass.

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