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[Meesh] Business Casual HD (Ongoing)

Posted:2018-10-18 22:11
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Length:6 pages
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Posted on 18 October 2018, 22:11 UTC by:   Buster D.   
Uploader Comment
Artist's description: "Based around [his] "Business Casual" series of images, this [is] a story about a new female hire at a company getting used to the policy of allowing men access to your body throughout the workday. Blowjobs, vaginal, maybe a bit of anal."

Artist Pages:
/ />/ />/ />/ />/>
Posted on 18 October 2018, 23:24 UTC by:   KrystalKross23   
Score +318
...You have my attention. Proceed.
Posted on 18 October 2018, 23:31 UTC by:   dman69   
Score +249
Why is it you never see anything where this sort of plot gets reversed where guys gets used by girls or something where both genders are supposed DTF if the other wants to?
Posted on 19 October 2018, 05:25 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +54
This particular fetish never did it for me. I don't have a problem with it or don't like it, It just doesn't grab me at all. I know it has a name though. This particular fetish is actually genre, but damn if I can remember what it's name is.
Posted on 19 October 2018, 05:35 UTC by:   powerpolice   
Score +119
I bet this place smells like a public Toilette... XD
Posted on 19 October 2018, 11:03 UTC by:   asdfest   
Score +189
dman69, a fellow man of culture i see
as a premise you don't get a lot of 'reversed gender roles in society' type of deals; but the most sterling silver example I've ever seen is Amahara Teikoku world's of reversed gender roles
just fuckin tap your fingers and hope some western madman with artistry skills and a whole lotta time/willpower/patreon moneybucks wakes up one morning and learns the true path to enlightenment

also gotta wonder what the companies sexual harassment policy is
might just be a blank sheet of paper tbh
Posted on 19 October 2018, 20:19 UTC by:   pokebreeder25   
Score +53
i wouldn't mind working there XD
Posted on 05 November 2018, 08:07 UTC by:   DorranCarys   
Score +90
Okay, I love this comic, but I really have to ask... why are the pages in English taking so long to be posted to the site?
Posted on 06 November 2018, 07:00 UTC by:   Malcho   
Score +79
From page 7 I can understand the woman's frustration... Being in IT is hard.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 13:26 UTC by:   rooldeewurldman   
Score +54
Where is this company located? I'm already cleaning up my resumé & seriously contemplating a move after reading this!
Posted on 06 November 2018, 19:07 UTC by:   SoulReaverFo   
Score +200
Create by IronHide77777

Yo! Fellow pirates, ye be uplodin ratted stuff to soon!
Ye be needin to wait a while till after it's been released to be letting the artists get a bit o profits to be makin more, ye scurvy dogs!
Ifin ye not be interested in that ye be killin the goose that lays tha golden egg!

Just love this comment.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 20:38 UTC by:   IronHide77777   
Score +67
Glad you liked it. ;3
Posted on 19 November 2018, 22:38 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +125
bro, that's how it is in this comic, Maria the marketing director seems to have actually had Mer come to help relieve her, not the other way around. From the way the lady explained it seems like it's all encouraged sexual release. I don't think your forced to put out to everyone, but it's encouraged as well as you seeking relief from anyone.
"We've found that it raises productivity and company morale." Well yeah..
Last edited on 18 April 2019, 04:16 UTC.
Posted on 21 November 2018, 10:00 UTC by:   godsdeth   
Score +189
not enough casual sex art/comics. good to see he's making his pics into an actual comic.

also there should be a casual sex tag because this is not public use
Last edited on 01 January 2019, 19:33 UTC.
Posted on 13 January 2019, 16:15 UTC by:   SSSdriver   
Score +136
Is that a motherfucking Aggretsuko (Haida) reference?
Posted on 14 January 2019, 01:00 UTC by:   ShowMehYaMoves   
Score +37
WHERE’S Milton?! Every functioning office needs a Milton.

And a Red Stapler.
Posted on 14 January 2019, 03:12 UTC by:   paradox0001   
Score +61
One thing I really like about this comic is that we have not seen the main character naked yet, it is a nice and subtle storytelling device!
Posted on 14 January 2019, 09:23 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +82
ah ye ole chekhovs pantys. a classic.
Posted on 19 January 2019, 09:11 UTC by:   ancientsofmumu   
Score +79
Haid- I mean Harry seems like a nice fella, huh?
Posted on 25 January 2019, 03:49 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +66

(⊙_☉) ? ........

ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) But your name is, MARSUPILAMI.... how are you NOT a furry?!
Posted on 26 January 2019, 04:46 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +66

..... You're on a porn comics website.
Posted on 26 January 2019, 10:08 UTC by:   marsupilami123   
Score +61

Very well observed. I don't see what the issue is. I simply told you that my user name was not picked for sexual reasons.
Now let's stop this and let us appreciate the art, even if it is furry. (^_-)
Posted on 28 March 2019, 03:50 UTC by:   Nightwishman   
Score +40

I was warry at first that is would be standared meesh....junkyness..

But honestly, not bad.
Posted on 16 April 2019, 17:48 UTC by:   Sylvrwolflol   
Score +103
Taking all bets, people! Taking allll bets!

How many more pages of oblivious teasing before she gets pissed off and fucks the lion herself?

I’m saying 4, maybe 5 tops.
Posted on 16 April 2019, 23:27 UTC by:   Nystic   
Score +82
The poor girl has cock on the brain! A good fucking should help clear her head.
Posted on 16 April 2019, 23:33 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +49
Guess she went to the right place. Order up! XD
Posted on 17 April 2019, 02:32 UTC by:   stealthg   
Score +71
That lion seems nice. Hoping she fucks him good.
Posted on 18 April 2019, 04:07 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +61
It's likely because of the frequency of which he has to use it, but I'm gonna assume (and also cause the workplace admits) its easier to just shirt cock it than wear pants.. Cause I mean, look at that shit. It's like a fuckin iguana.
Posted on 21 April 2019, 00:34 UTC by:   Dr. Sloth   
Score +291
the twist no one saw coming: nobody fucks her and she has a productive workday
Posted on 01 May 2019, 06:32 UTC by:   DandereNinja   
Score +47
More than likely he finds pants rather uncomfortable when it comes to containing his rather sizable penis and testicles. So he just walks out with his cock out whenever possible. Likely puts away when he is in public hence he wears pants, also it's likely the place does have a dress code of some sort but given the rule about sex he doesn't get in trouble for walking around with his pants open the way they are.
Posted on 01 May 2019, 08:47 UTC by:   AUsuario2   
Score +68
Posted on 03 May 2019, 11:22 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +41
First day Jitters now has a much deeper, primal context now. Hehe
Posted on 08 May 2019, 15:58 UTC by:   H_homster   
Score +49
* Checking last upload date *
Awww! How frequently does it update? Last time I checked (It was my first time reading this comic) it was 14 pages I think. Yeah, it was the 14th page, so there's been 4 pages with content and one without text added. Well, stupid question, I will see for myself but it always gets agonizing with the works that you like around here. There are some quality Western pieces here and this is one of them, top shelf stuff.
Posted on 16 June 2019, 17:22 UTC by:   CorpsmanMcLovin   
Score +83
Sad when the translations come out more on time than the originals...
Posted on 16 July 2019, 15:16 UTC by:   lukijung   
Score +38
fuck her ass <3
Posted on 03 August 2019, 19:01 UTC by:   IronHide77777   
Score +45
Don't worry folks, she won't be working long... She will be going on maternity leave soon enough. XD
Posted on 19 August 2019, 04:03 UTC by:   pickle313   
Score +36
An absolutely wonderful series. I am greatly looking forward to seeing how it continues. Unfortunately, it's looking like we may be coming up on the end, but I hope that it continues past her first foray into the office environment, and we get to see her adjusted to the workplace and its quirks.
Posted on 26 August 2019, 18:31 UTC by:   anthrofan   
Score +38
yes she wants you to cum inside and would beg for it because she wants it like this job that badly
Posted on 27 August 2019, 02:31 UTC by:   cookiegetter   
Score +73
Hilarious plot twist: she gets fired for something completely stupid, like dropping too many f-bombs while being fucked senseless. Because fucking at work is an employee benefit but there's no place for foul language.

Fucking based Meesh though on Vanessa and Luis' design.
Posted on 05 September 2019, 22:09 UTC by:   SatalinLoveJr   
Score +81
Fun fact for everyone complaining about this receiving delayed updates or anything of the sorts: It should not be receiving ANY updates whatsoever until the entire thing's been finished in the first place, viewable for his Patreons as per the artist's intention, and then a few weeks later just be uploaded here because it'll wind up doing so one way or another. Let the fucking people creating these works have a lil' bit of an incentive for people to actually support them, if they want to, but don't just rip shit straight from the source just because you can. A little decency goes a long way some time.
Posted on 07 October 2019, 05:34 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +73
"I had forgotten how good sex feels"

That was a straight up Hentai-manga line.
Posted on 07 October 2019, 15:37 UTC by:   shtzandgiggles   
Score +39
Posted on 12 October 2019, 22:52 UTC by:   Wildjack   
Score +66
And... SUDDENLY EARS! Just in time to look annoyed at the TOO LOUD fucking. Hilarious! XD
Posted on 13 October 2019, 00:26 UTC by:   Yog-Sotot   
Score +147
Nah, not even this makes me want to work in an open-space office.
Posted on 13 October 2019, 09:48 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +93
Bro I swear to fucking furry jesus, the blue hair I.T

That raccoon lookin bitch is still fucking working while getting fucked

Give this mufucka a raise
Posted on 15 October 2019, 00:49 UTC by:   Redlion226   
Score +35
I lost it at the hound dog staring while railing another chick on the desk.
Posted on 05 December 2019, 17:59 UTC by:   Kentaro51   
Score +13
Missing pgs. 24-30. Just a heads up.

Nvm. Last three are just re-edits
Last edited on 06 December 2019, 05:47 UTC.
Posted on 06 December 2019, 05:25 UTC by:   TetsuyaXC   
Score +22
A little disappointing ending.
Posted on 17 December 2019, 11:09 UTC by:   Noobsweeper   
Score -2
This style of comic is so seen, person is shy, turns into sex-maniac, happy ending with ten cocks in mouth.

Ehhhhh, as much as the quality is amazing, the story as a whole, especially ending, kinda feel bland.
Posted on 03 March 2020, 06:12 UTC by:   RobDollar   
Score +62
Dear Meeesh,
More straight sex like this, please. Your art is too gorgeous for women to be a minority in your work.
Posted on 09 March 2020, 07:03 UTC by:   bennimarru   
Score +12
Man working here would suck for someone that would rather not have other touch him. But it's either be forced to sex each other or be broke. That's dumb.
Posted on 02 April 2020, 04:48 UTC by:   Nightmare Shifter   
Score +5
God I would love to work here, getting fucked all though out the day, and it just being so normal.

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