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[Jay Naylor] Normal Perverts

Posted:2019-02-05 22:59
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Posted on 05 February 2019, 22:59 UTC by:   Buster D.   
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Artist's Description:
"Brooke and Francis work hard to have a normal relationship despite their eccentric sexual appetites. While the next chapter of Brooke Goes To College will cover the interpersonal environment that pertains to this, this comic will cover the erotic specifics of her and Francis sexual life and fantasies. Psychological fetishes, fantasy clashes. Erotic comedy."

Artist Pages:
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Posted on 06 November 2018, 00:14 UTC by:   Witt1862   
Score +9
Oh come on! I wanted more of the Mistree Theresa story!
Posted on 06 November 2018, 00:39 UTC by:   Buster D.   
Score +80

You're in luck: a new Mistress Theresa page was just posted a few minutes ago.

Autism is not an insult. Please put more thought into your Jay Naylor criticism in the future.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 01:04 UTC by:   Havel The Rock   
Score +55
Nayl’d it
Posted on 06 November 2018, 01:28 UTC by:   JabbaHat   
Score +33
This dude somehow went from pathetic-cuck-based comic relief to yet another of Naylor's chads in, what, a few months? Did Naylor just not want to draw a new character? Is there a missing chapter where he ate onions and visited MRA subreddits? Could it be NoFap?!?!
Posted on 06 November 2018, 02:11 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +83

He already stated in a prior comic that he wasn't always submissive and that the 'sub' role he was in before was the role he thought she wanted, so he went with it. He knows Brooke has older-man and pregnancy fetishes, and is clearly trying to make her happy. Bit early to call him a Chad just yet.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 02:29 UTC by:   anthrofan   
Score -8
daddy will because daddy loves you ;)
Posted on 06 November 2018, 03:34 UTC by:   RabidTanker   
Score +18
So has there ever been an time when he didn't do NTR or furries?

It's good and all, but I'm kind of curious here.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 06:08 UTC by:   Dos-Tree   
Score +32

They're few and far between but there's been a few comics that have no cuckshit. Furries, however, have total saturation. You'll find some with humans and furries, but none that have no furries in them.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 06:35 UTC by:   dexterer   
Score +15
Yay! I'd like to see more Brooke and this guy (is he got a name even?) relationship develop! Brooke likes him, and from what I've seen, this guy LOVES her.
Posted on 06 November 2018, 12:49 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +30
So... I got a question. This is more or less a continuation of "Brooke Goes to College", right? So doesn't this comic spoil the fact that Brooke and Francis are getting together as a couple in the end?
Posted on 06 November 2018, 16:51 UTC by:   Loleksy   
Score +10
This is going to be so fucking good... at least art-wise :D At last some young, fresh, sexy f/m action <3
Posted on 09 November 2018, 11:00 UTC by:   ddm97x   
Score -26
So, starting yet another comic that likely won't see a proper completion...not in this decade at least. And in the process he gets rid of Brooke's dom features in favour of "daddy" bullshit. Oh Jay
Posted on 10 November 2018, 21:20 UTC by:   Lantus   
Score +106
This is possibly one of the most healthy couples he's done in a long while. They play around with others a little and have definitely wandering eyes, but get together when Brooke wants to *really* get off on her kink, instead of... just fucking married men, like some of Jay's other characters would do.

I think I like this. *thumbsup*
Posted on 05 December 2018, 23:13 UTC by:   Buster D.   
Score +16

Yeah, it's essentially a continuation from Brooke Goes to College.
Posted on 05 December 2018, 23:19 UTC by:   Muffdiver884   
Score +26
Really getting curious about Brooke's life with her Dad.
Posted on 06 December 2018, 00:03 UTC by:   anthrofan   
Score +16
I think she should get pregnant, that way she can call him daddy for real ;)
Posted on 06 December 2018, 03:27 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +19
"Butt drunk" is my new band name.
Posted on 06 December 2018, 04:37 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +17
One of the issues with Naylor's characters is that a lot of them have the same kinks. How many have pregnancy fetishes now?
Posted on 05 January 2019, 19:47 UTC by:   LordGr4   
Score +20

$2 says most of the fetishes are Naylor's own. Maybe that's why he keeps drawing them.
Posted on 05 January 2019, 20:51 UTC by:   MagicalJuko   
Score +61
"I want you to destroy my g-spot." Is dialogue I haven't heard since Gilbert Godfrey narrated 50 Shades of Grey.
Posted on 06 January 2019, 03:12 UTC by:   FarkyMac   
Score +7
Well, either way, he's not going to do it from that angle. The G-spot is on the FRONT wall. Cowgirl and prone-bone are the best positions for stimulating it.
Posted on 09 January 2019, 00:44 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +20
that was the most magically unsexy thing I've ever listened to
Posted on 28 January 2019, 01:28 UTC by:   Voiderer   
Score +58
people who add impreg tags to just nakadashi comics are the worst people alive
Posted on 06 February 2019, 05:53 UTC by:   Nagirte   
Score +12
I mean, she's literally begging him to knock her up.
Posted on 06 February 2019, 19:17 UTC by:   TheViktor   
Score +12
Well that ended rather abruptly... Pretty standard for a Naylor comic, which is sad sicne this was the MOST normal porn comic that he ever made in years...
Posted on 07 February 2019, 06:35 UTC by:   dexterer   
Score +7
She's into older men even with kids? Well, if they're keep up the pace this guy would be dad too in no time ^_^
Posted on 07 February 2019, 20:21 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +12
Drat, I thought the ending line was going to be him saying something corny but endearing like "well, I could become a daddy for real *winkwink*" and then she blushes and then jumps on him, the end.

buuuuuut whatevs, that ending works too.

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