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[Reinbach] This Romantic World [Ongoing]

Posted:2019-09-07 11:27
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Length:97 pages
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Posted on 07 September 2019, 11:27 UTC by:   manbearpork   
Uploader Comment
Posted on 31 August 2019, 23:27 UTC by:   shadow629   
Score +33
Oh no there's a male version of Switch.
Posted on 01 September 2019, 00:30 UTC by:   Loki The Flameshield   
Score +7
Anyone else Think Elianna is sheltered?
Posted on 01 September 2019, 02:07 UTC by:   FloMagol   
Score +5
Ah right, there is something weird going on.
Posted on 02 September 2019, 01:47 UTC by:   shtzandgiggles   
Score +5
Page 89 I totally did not expect Elianna to be supportive, in fact I thought they were probably gonna go for "Girl who thinks two girls kissing is wrong and dirty discovers she really really likes it" with her.
BTW anyone know a shorter name for the prude fetish...OH, there we go
Posted on 02 September 2019, 04:27 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +0
With any luck, Halver is about to make that selfish jackoff burst a blood vessel in the brain so the world can be rid of his fuckery.
Posted on 03 September 2019, 04:36 UTC by:   Obisake   
Score +6
Oh man, the comics seem like a pretty big spoiler for his VN.
Posted on 04 September 2019, 00:52 UTC by:   Simply-Neutral   
Score +14
I'm kinda late posting on this but isn't kind of stupid for Bria to thinking Warren is going be cool with hanging out with her playing wingman. I know most smut universes tend to be casual sex/cheating/NTR all day but even then the average person isn't going want to be around person that was fucking around on them. Also if remember Switch correctly didn't Warren break up with Bria immediately after he found out about the cheating. Why is she surprised, and acting bitchy when Warren play this stupid game with her
Posted on 07 September 2019, 15:33 UTC by:   animal96   
Score +6
From my interpretation, the name of the game is that Bria is really trying to help Warren, even if so she can ease her own conscience. The "problem" is Warren know the game yet refuse to play. If he had assumed she got ulterior move, Bria would be hurt, but not mad. The fact that Warren know she is trying to be helpful yet still reject it is the "problem", I think.
Posted on 07 September 2019, 17:05 UTC by:   fenrir1208   
Score +13
I didn't know Xehanort was going to make an appearance. So who does he give a ethereal dicking to now?
Posted on 07 September 2019, 18:35 UTC by:   RabidTanker   
Score +24
For a moment there, I thought that guy was turning into the Hulk.
Posted on 12 September 2019, 05:22 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +6
Ok Halver is fun, he can stay.
Posted on 14 September 2019, 00:22 UTC by:   Maryu   
Score +6
We need More of This my friends. Fuck Yes. Thanks.
Posted on 14 September 2019, 15:21 UTC by:   Kiltias   
Score +6
Does this also work for Casey? The projection is different but Switch looking like Casey's mother due to her perception?
Posted on 24 September 2019, 07:03 UTC by:   vikingar   
Score +6
Anyone else find this more... meandering compared to switch? Lot of subplots, none of them even close to being resolved, with new characters introduced almost 100 pages in. switch was 177 pages total. You've got warren, morgan, their friends, caseys post switch arc and girl in lesbians with her from the last one, etc. Seems like it's either a 300+ page epic in the making or going to tailspin.

Granted, everything happening main plot is pretty excellent. but 11/12 of the last pages are (porn yes) but a tangent. Yes male switch setup for the next chapter, but is it necessary to the previous 88 pages setup? Is that the focus of the next act? Where does that leave what is established. From the first page the point seemed to be the trails and tribulations of warren and morgan navigating an oversexed highschool.
Posted on 24 September 2019, 14:48 UTC by:   argentlupus   
Score +21
, I think that is what this is supposed to be. All about the World of Switch not just linear storylines. That out of the way.

I hear one of two voices for Halver in my head. One is Sebastian (albeit deeper in tone) or Gideon Emery (Loth'remar in WoW)
Posted on 25 September 2019, 10:52 UTC by:   vikingar   
Score +19

Thats grounds for the game (maybe still) being made, not a comic. Sandbox exploration mythos stuff doesn't work with a linear comic. If it isn't the primary focus, then why include it?
Why ruin what could have been an unironic imaginary fren of casey not being needed now that she's happy with herself by introducing nothell and notdemons to the overall bogging down of the storyline? Or if switch and her extradimensional being race are a real thing, it doesn't tie into the first 88 pages at all. Late in the game to swap protagonists after investing people in the main characters and rogues gallery if they shift focus. And if not, why is it there at all?
Posted on 26 September 2019, 16:36 UTC by:   somercet   
Score +26
: "semnotiphile," modesty-lover.
Posted on 05 October 2019, 15:02 UTC by:   argentlupus   
Score +25

I did not know there was a game being planned out.
Posted on 05 October 2019, 15:05 UTC by:   funkwolf   
Score -44

Reinbach's not a very good writer. At all. Getting better as an artist. Still pretty weak as a writer.
Posted on 06 October 2019, 00:02 UTC by:   ancientsofmumu   
Score +13
He may suck as a writer, but goddamnit he writes fun dialogue.
Posted on 06 October 2019, 04:23 UTC by:   funkwolf   
Score -5

Agreed. It's a shame really. He might get better, if he had someone to tutor his writing and iron out the flaws. But he probably won't get better on his own.
Posted on 12 October 2019, 16:18 UTC by:   RabidTanker   
Score +18
Idk, guys.

He could have used an introduction, but then again, I also dived into this.
Posted on 13 October 2019, 21:57 UTC by:   Nintyfresh   
Score +24
Derek did nothing wrong.
Posted on 21 October 2019, 07:06 UTC by:   Loki The Flameshield   
Score +7
Didn't know Eli was a weeb, but looking back it makes sense.
Posted on 22 October 2019, 23:17 UTC by:   sukasak   
Score +7
Dude needs to have a much bigger dick!!!! Redraw it with huge dicks!

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