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[Matemi] Moons of Silver (A Silver Soul Spinoff) [Ongoing]

Posted:2019-12-04 19:43
File Size:12.86 MB
Length:9 pages
Favorited:47 times
Average: 1.39

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Posted on 26 November 2019, 23:18 UTC by:   thumbnailspls   
Score +4
Can an admin ban and block this guy from ever being allowed on this site?! He keeps posting Patreon content and claiming bullshit like "I got ok to post from friend!"
Posted on 27 November 2019, 06:10 UTC by:   Golden Carrot   
Score +13
what's wrong with posting Patreon content here?
Posted on 27 November 2019, 13:56 UTC by:   thumbnailspls   
Score +0
"What's wrong with theft from someone kind enough to make stuff public in a timely manner?" is the question to answer your question.
Posted on 27 November 2019, 23:02 UTC by:   XILeague   
Score +11
Matemi, pls gtfo. You have no power here.
Complain about paywall content somewhere else but not there.
Posted on 28 November 2019, 04:16 UTC by:   epa   
Score +8
Patreon content or not, if you want to remove this gallery from this website, click 'Report Gallery' on the menu on the right and fill the form.
Admin always remove gallery that have DMCA/Copyright Infringement if you are copyright holder or authorized agent. But if you not, good luck.
Posted on 28 November 2019, 17:16 UTC by:   thumbnailspls   
Score -12
This is not Matemi complaining, but rather a follower (not even a patron, mind you). Matemi and their mods in the Discord are aware of this thief, but they don't know for sure how to work things out with this site. Not sure the cause, but possibly they don't feel like registering themselves for a CHANCE at dispatching this thief.
Posted on 01 December 2019, 22:45 UTC by:   chakat snowfire   
Score +23
shut the fuck up thumbnailspls it's nice that someone is saying fuck you to the paywall bull shit
Posted on 02 December 2019, 22:44 UTC by:   Oulmas   
Score +8
Of course, it's nice to support thieves, great idea. For real though, can't you just be patient? The pages are being released for free, you just need to wait a few days, I don't see what's wrong with the "paywall".
If you're not the the patient type, then too bad for you.
Posted on 04 December 2019, 02:35 UTC by:   thumbnailspls   
Score -22
Matemi's paywall is actually kind, people should learn to suck it up and be patient instead of blatantly stealing from them. Anyone defending Dragoon 2502 is no better than the art thief himself.

And as Oulmas said, the pages are released for free within a few days! It's easier to see them in the Discord Server as soon as they are made public..

I see some thieves hate me....

Yep, they mad.
Last edited on 05 December 2019, 04:07 UTC.
Posted on 06 December 2019, 03:28 UTC by:   chakat snowfire   
Score +6
Oulmas and thumbnailspls shut up
Posted on 06 December 2019, 17:31 UTC by:   Oulmas   
Score +5
Can you say something more constructive? Rather than basically saying "stfu, nobody asked for your opinion anyway" over and over.

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