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(InCase) Alfie Ch.1-13 (Ongoing) (English)

Posted:2019-12-05 00:05
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Posted on 05 December 2019, 00:05 UTC by:   Viktor0nk   
Uploader Comment
Posted on 17 January 2016, 11:28 UTC by:   shamful7   
Score +1336
is it me or are thier breast getting bigger and bigger.
Posted on 17 January 2016, 12:41 UTC by:   Razeluxe1   
Score +737
The best series
Posted on 17 January 2016, 19:20 UTC by:   kikimaru024   
Score +358
I'm going to upload the comic & the omake/fan-art separately.
Too many tags do not conform with the story.

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/ />Comic site:
Last edited on 05 July 2020, 19:06 UTC.
Posted on 25 January 2016, 02:36 UTC by:   Ikijigoku   
Score +456
Hands down my favorite dirty minded artist.
Every time I see updates to his galleries I can't help but hear Beethoven's 9th.

Drinks are on me bud.
Na zdrowie!

Ooooo... even though it may lengthen the amount of time between releases, gotta admit... Colour is nice.

05/13/2016: Wow. So she just almost in a casual fashion drops the infidelity bomb. Now, I may be much more attracted to Alfie and that redheaded slut friend of hers but dang... I think I'd get along with Vera famously. Especially since over at buttsmithy there are some that say she's got the voice of Claudia Black (a thought that has forever coloured my reading of her character)

05/25/2016: Mmm... Go Mama Go! Wreck that little elf boy like there's no tomorrow. If you thought you had frustrations to vent before, this time you very well might break him. Hell, you even have consent from your husband.

06/03/2016: My guess is it's either going to be the guard OR Derik. Dunno why but, I'm rooting for it to be the hubby. Even though that could possibly make things so much more... emotionally messy.

06/05/2016: Kinda figured it would be the guard. Slightly disappointed. Wanted to see Vera verbally abuse Derik while they both ravaged Ailduin, perhaps even beginning a new swinger-esque relationship with each other (wouldn't that be a twisted sort of sweet). Ah well, she does seem to be making an attempt at understanding homosexuality. Let the new round of debauchery begin!

07/14/2016: Hm. I see where Alfie inherits a great amount of her deviance from. To quote the lady herself, "...AND I LOVE IT!" Good on you Mrs. Tolman. Good on you. Now if you could only take that step farther, just over that line there, into the darker side and get to know your daughter a little more... intimately. Well now, that's the real point of no return isn't it? A line of which if I were standing behind Vera, I'd eagerly push her across.

08/17/2016: Oh. Oh wow. The things that you realize. I think I have a problem. This seemingly happy ending just feels weird to me. I think I've been reading way too much NTR.

08/01/2017: ...Lydia is so damn hot. I'm usually a sucker for Incases' redheads but hot damn am I attracted to that toned and bronzed babe.
Last edited on 01 June 2017, 23:40 UTC.
Posted on 05 February 2016, 16:07 UTC by:   IHavoc   
Score +384

This attitude is baffling. There's so many different kinds of porn on this site; how do you even decide where you're gonna start shitting on the presumably unlimited amount of stuff that doesn't appeal to you? Do you make a comment like this every single time you're exposed to some? You're either being arbitrarily bitchy or have a ridiculous dedication towards bashing fetishes at every opportunity.
Last edited on 12 February 2016, 14:05 UTC.
Posted on 09 February 2016, 03:48 UTC by:   jopox   
Score +180
Incase is bigger than Jesus.
Posted on 21 February 2016, 14:54 UTC by:   anonann8   
Score +234
Oh boy, things are about to get heavy in Hobbitown.
Posted on 14 March 2016, 07:29 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +214
Alfie is no doubt the cutest thing under 4ft I've ever seen.
Posted on 27 March 2016, 23:03 UTC by:   DrQuint   
Score +222
Who would have thought that on a porn gallery we'd find ourselves thinking the porn scenes are too long. I mean, I know what you mean, I too want to see them getting caught, but still, aren't we here for...
Posted on 31 March 2016, 13:12 UTC by:   sigfriedo   
Score +123
Posted on 02 April 2016, 23:20 UTC by:   PureEnergy   
Score +170
Ah, of the truly eternal characteristics of the human race is accusing others of being what you are, or what you fear you might become...
Posted on 14 April 2016, 07:12 UTC by:   sigfriedo   
Score +226
"Stop lying, is that all the two of you can do?"
Yeah, because you totally do not have a wardrobe full of skeletons and bondage straps
Last edited on 14 April 2016, 10:16 UTC.
Posted on 14 April 2016, 23:51 UTC by:   JacksHoff   
Score +257
"then Leave." HOLY SHIT
Posted on 18 April 2016, 10:32 UTC by:   illegalcheese   
Score +304
No you bastard this website is where i go to smother the black and twisted remnants of my soul. I came here for kinky dwarf sex and well-drawn shenanigans not heartwrenching drama and an analysis of repressive societies. You can't do this to me YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL
Posted on 19 May 2016, 02:21 UTC by:   H-Knight   
Score +220
(initial post, for pages 471-475)... [EDITED]: Okay, the artist [InCase] has been adding re-mastered previous pages, throwing off the page numbers. The part were (mom) Vera comes across (daughter) Alfie & (Alfie best-friend) Melly post-(lesbian)-coitus, and mother & daughter have a relationship-breaking argument.

Vera and Alfie should live by a very simple Rule of Living,

a Rule I have had the unfortunate personal experience in having had to follow myself. :(

If you are in a place, metaphorical &/or literal, where you are utterly unhappy, dangerously unhealthy, always afraid &/or in pain...

GET OUT, before it kills you, physically &/or spiritually,

because if you do not, I absolutely guarantee you, it will.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

2. [EDITED]: (around 632-633)... Wow, really...? Apparently there are some people (down-voters) who think you should remain in a place where you are suffering and wholly unhappy, and where you will likely die in suffering and unhappiness... I have great pity upon those people. :(

3. [EDITED]: page 754 (Ozge carrying Alfie on her shoulders)...

[Alfie]: I-I think, I-I prefer women anyway...

[Ozge]: OOOOH?

[Reader Audience]: OOOOH! ;D

4. [EDITED]: page 951 ("If you stay where you don't belong, you rot inside.")… Again speaking from experience, for myself (I got out) and having to bury someone I cared about (she did not get out), Alfie is utterly correct. If you stay where you do not belong, or where you are utterly unhappy/unhealthy, it WILL rot you out completely, inside and outside, physically and spiritually.
Last edited on 01 February 2020, 02:31 UTC.
Posted on 27 May 2016, 23:32 UTC by:   Kulkum   
Score +124
Oh wow... That cock slap... LMAO I haven't laughed out loud that hard in a while! I think I scared my dogs.
Posted on 11 June 2016, 00:07 UTC by:   DrQuint   
Score +661
I was thinking how being fascinated with "perversion" is quite the mundane thing now with the internet. I mean... I'm here to wank and I didn't need some soul searching to get to this point, much less one that took until I got into a mid-life crisis to reveal itself. Which is how I realized that porn is pretty much nonexistent in a place like Pickering. Specially porn with any semblance of substance like this comic. I bet that landmark that looks like boobs near the pond of lesbian sex is the closest to an effigy of lust that exists in 15 mile radius, discounting whatever the caravan brought. You wouldn't even be able to make your own without the creator of the art being awfully apparent in the craft itself, with the small amount of people capable of making it to begin with.

To us, access to this kind of stuff, personalized to your taste, for FREE, without even putting much effort into hiding it reliably is so... Easy. Shit, this is really quite the gift. Thanks porn, for reminding me we truly live in a glorious age.

Posted on 26 June 2016, 05:48 UTC by:   Aokodoku   
Score +166
Sensibilities takes 10 damage!
Sensibilities has been defeated!
Vera has leveled up!
Vera has achieved Mistress 2.0!
Posted on 26 June 2016, 07:30 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +116
Don't think I've ever seen her smile this hard before.
Posted on 24 July 2016, 06:16 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +171
NO! I'm not teary-eyed!! I'm... ejaculating through my eyes is all, goddammit!
Posted on 27 July 2016, 22:39 UTC by:   Kulkum   
Score +119
Ha. So the queeny elf has some man moves after all. Even the guard looks impressed. Good show.
Posted on 08 August 2016, 01:57 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +129
You know, if they'd had this conversation much earlier, a whole lot of grief and hurt feelings could have been avoided.
Communication, people. Do it.
Posted on 08 August 2016, 03:43 UTC by:   stolhanske   
Score +268
I honestly can't deal with how good this series is.

Like. Goddamn. I hope this is released in hard copy, because I will buy it. There is erotica with shite plot, but this is a great story that happens to be erotic.
Posted on 25 August 2016, 20:31 UTC by:   Dr. Sloth   
Score +186
the suspense is fucking killing me, sunday night hbo doesnt have shit on this
Posted on 02 September 2016, 00:55 UTC by:   BlueRoses23   
Score +159
"That I'll become like you."

Ouch. It's true, but ouch.
Posted on 03 October 2016, 22:07 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +143
Man, the difference in quality is astonishing from the beginning.
Posted on 17 December 2016, 08:38 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +209
Welp, kids, there's a 50/50 chance of Alfie/Lydia action.

Edit: There's a 90/10 chance of Alfie/Lydia action, with an 80/20 chance it'll be straight yuri, no cocks around.
Last edited on 18 December 2016, 10:39 UTC.
Posted on 14 January 2017, 08:27 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +158
Don't be trusting those horses. They slip you some booze, get their fun and never write again!
Posted on 24 March 2017, 04:01 UTC by:   Skeleton Snax   
Score +184
Goddamn, was he carrying 30lbs of himself in that beard?!
Posted on 05 May 2017, 09:22 UTC by:   StrangeAeons   
Score +232
Okay, am I missing something? Why is this tagged with Transformation, dick growth, Dickgirl on dickgirl, and other such things? I love those kinks, and I love this comic, but after reading through the whole thing on the official website I didn't see that at all.
Posted on 28 May 2017, 12:21 UTC by:   Jarvis_42   
Score +136
Page 666. A glorious milestone in any hentai.
Posted on 02 June 2017, 20:16 UTC by:   Muffdiver884   
Score +118

It's not just Lydia, we're all on the sexuality spectrum. Someone who is 100% Straight or 100% Gay is really rare.
Posted on 11 June 2017, 00:50 UTC by:   SinisterDexter   
Score +329
TFW you will never have a buff woman trying out her first blowjob on you with a hot big-titted halfling girl giving her lessons while they both make eye contact with you.

Why even live?
Posted on 16 June 2017, 06:24 UTC by:   FlorpFlorble   
Score +142
Tsundere as fuck.
Posted on 11 August 2017, 22:18 UTC by:   mameluk   
Score +142
I smell some tentacle porn incoming.
Posted on 24 August 2017, 06:44 UTC by:   d20master   
Score +131

Throwing a sword - Crazy or viable technique?
/ />
Actually, you can throw a sword. It's not something that you would do often, more something you might do as an act of desperation (after all, you will lose your presumably main weapon until you can retrieve it). But you can do it, and it even seems that Marco has the correct grip for doing so.
Posted on 24 August 2017, 21:46 UTC by:   Quartafeira11   
Score +129
I bet even the guards want a piece of Marco's pants right now.
Posted on 28 September 2017, 21:40 UTC by:   Kyokugen Master   
Score +142
Lol, i had a feeling we'd see the giants fucking... I'm predicting that Vera and her guide are simply gonna have to get "into it" too now

Fuck it, i'm just curious now, give me a +1 if you think that Vera is a way hotter character design than Alfie. I honestly wouldn't complain if the entire series was based around her.
Posted on 30 September 2017, 07:53 UTC by:   Super Shanko   
Score +147
You know you're hitting it right when your girl is going "ROOOAAAAAHH!!! ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" :D
Posted on 18 October 2017, 22:42 UTC by:   tuscck   
Score +199
Explenation Author:

Alfie hiatus.Oct 18 at 5:27pm

There are not going to be any new Alfie pages for the next couple of months. I am burnt out and I need to work on something different for a while. I am not entirely sure what yet, but I will figure it out. I intend to be very, very active in the next couple of months so don't worry. There will be content. BUT if you are pledging for Alfie, there will be nothing new for you for a while. Sorry.

The reason for the break is simple: Alfie takes a lot of energy and time to create and over time it drained me. In the past I remedied that with shorter breaks, or drawing a couple of silly porn pics on the side, but this time the burnout is too strong. Yesterday I sat down to draw the first pages of chapter 10 and I felt sick to my stomach. This feeling has been building for a while and I was hoping the break between chapters 9 and 10 would be enough to get my motivation back, but nope. I need time to recharge and a couple of weeks will not be enough this time.

I think the last proper break I had from Alfie was before I started drawing chapter 7, which was almost 2 years ago. Other than that there were breaks inbetween chapters that I spend writing and designing the story, and various times where I was unable to draw for one reason or another. But a proper "I want to do something else for a while" break was along time ago. Too long. Up till yesterday I was sure I will just power through this slump and force myself to work on chapter 10, but today I realised I can't do it. The quality of the comic will suffer if I do it.
Posted on 18 January 2018, 23:30 UTC by:   Viktor0nk   
Score +294
From the Author:

Alfer the Hoppit is slowly waking up from her slumber. Or whatever her name was. It’s been a while.

Hi guys! It’s been a fun couple of months for me. Hope it was good for you too. I am about to wrap up my latest comic “The Invitation” which was the main thing I wanted done before I get back to working on Alfie. There’s still a lot of work to be done before I have new pages to upload. Rewriting and redesigning chapter 10 will take time, but things are happening again. Alfie things.

My time away from Alfie gave me space to rethink how I’ve been working on the comic. There will be a couple of changes starting next chapter. Some obvious, some not so obvious. I am going to be rewriting the plot again haha. God help me. The other big one is that I will be reverting Alfie back to a simpler coloring style. Well, lack of coloring style to be exact. We’re back to black and white baby! Probably something similiar to how the new chapter 1 looks. It was either that, or cut down on a number of pages a week and I don’t want to do that.

I can’t keep up drawing 4 fully colored pages a week on top of writing and designing. I’ve been doing it for the last year and a half at the cost of being miserable. That’s not a way to work on a long term project. At least not one you intend to finish. It’s like trying to sprint a marthon. I’ve realised that part of the skillset that goes into creating an ongoing comic is knowing how to set up your work in a way that makes you want to actually continue doing it. If you fail at that, you will dissapoint yourself and the fans.

I honestly don’t know when the new pages will be up. Maybe mid to late febreuary? I will be dring some worldbuilding pages in the meantime. I want to draw a map of the area the comic takes place in and do some cards setting up the Voch’Khari’s a bit more.

TL;DR hiatus is almost over, but not quite. Stay tuned.
Posted on 06 June 2018, 21:48 UTC by:   Zo22y   
Score +324
>It- Uh- It doesn't count if he looks like a girl!

How is InCase so based?
Posted on 29 September 2018, 09:23 UTC by:   Lolimir   
Score +469
Fucking hell, we'll finally going to see Vera getting fucked again
Press F to pay respects to people who have died before experiencing this scene
Posted on 28 November 2019, 05:54 UTC by:   montes   
Score +221
This orc is more mature them many college students I know. he got the hint and backed off. Bravo!
Posted on 28 February 2020, 16:07 UTC by:   Shardshatter   
Score +187
Oh, Alfie. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
Posted on 01 July 2020, 23:42 UTC by:   un_known   
Score +158
“She had enough time to write a fucking book”...... *mic drop* really can’t argue with Vera there XD
Posted on 02 July 2020, 16:53 UTC by:   ellano   
Score +14
why does that man have ham on his chest?
not that I complain, just a bit puzzled.
Posted on 03 July 2020, 03:38 UTC by:   iamhere23   
Score +25
when alcohol is involved no one knows how anything got anywhere....
Posted on 03 July 2020, 16:24 UTC by:   Harley 722   
Score +6
Page 1067 took a turn and I’m laughing my ass off XD
Posted on 03 July 2020, 23:18 UTC by:   spartanboy2   
Score +18
>It was quite a sight! HaHa!

Darkness imprisioning me!
Posted on 04 July 2020, 00:43 UTC by:   Reaver2u   
Score +11
Again, I must applaud how...convenient the snake people's bodies are. Then again, I'm reading a porn comic about dwarfs going on a cross country fuckfest so who am I to judge?
Posted on 05 July 2020, 00:34 UTC by:   nameress   
Score +6
Best page so far.

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