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[morganagod] Toph Heavy (Avatar: The Last Airbender) [Ongoing]

Posted:2020-01-16 16:45
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Length:75 pages
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Average: 4.70

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[morganagod] Toph Heavy (Avatar: The Last Airbender) [Ongoing], added 2020-01-24 02:27
[morganagod] Toph Heavy (Avatar: The Last Airbender) [Ongoing], added 2020-01-24 02:27
[morganagod] Toph Heavy (Avatar: The Last Airbender) [Ongoing], added 2020-02-06 04:16

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Posted on 16 January 2020, 16:45 UTC by:   saltcutlet   
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Posted on 19 April 2019, 00:15 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +78
After all these years, didnt expect this, but still appreciates.

I also didnt expect Toph to be pornbending this story, but still, appreciated.
Last edited on 19 April 2019, 07:32 UTC.
Posted on 19 April 2019, 01:12 UTC by:   AGMlolz   
Score +202
Lol the last page

Last edited on 21 June 2019, 04:18 UTC.
Posted on 19 April 2019, 12:16 UTC by:   danielwain   
Score +79
Page 17 is best page. Slightly animated and Fire Nation=Weeb Nation. But everything changed when the weebaboos came out of their basements.
Posted on 02 May 2019, 21:36 UTC by:   vixenelli   
Score +51
I'm interested in the story about Sokka's marriage as well
Posted on 10 May 2019, 12:36 UTC by:   zann117   
Score +176
This has taken so long to write that you can visibly see the artstyle change.
Posted on 14 May 2019, 21:52 UTC by:   Penxiel   
Score +48
Yuup, page 23 is from season 2 and another studio


I just realized EVERYONE is listening to this whole story. Bolin and Zuko actually pretty concerned and asking questions,
Lin just wants to kill herself and Asami and Korra are just like ".....u wot?"
Last edited on 07 June 2019, 17:49 UTC.
Posted on 14 June 2019, 20:05 UTC by:   RabidTanker   
Score +110
First Toph, invents earth-sonar, then she invents metalbending, and now she re-invents the boobquake.
Posted on 16 June 2019, 10:25 UTC by:   Comrade Claus   
Score +28
p. 34

I love how toph is like "tldr, i'm too horny"

so azula's text is a blur

I wonder what it actually says

Toph & Azula, Avatar's bestest benders

I just hope Korra's female cousin gets the big boobed treatment soon, she was so underused
Posted on 06 July 2019, 04:07 UTC by:   nicrocon   
Score +7
So wait why couldn't she get pregnant?
Posted on 06 July 2019, 05:17 UTC by:   God Revan   
Score +31
We'll probably get an answer in a month or two since this comic updates once a week.
Posted on 18 July 2019, 18:56 UTC by:   zeroken_kurayami   
Score +25
I still think sokka should've ended up with toph. Not bashing suki or anything I just like them two together more.
Posted on 18 July 2019, 20:44 UTC by:   brandon5   
Score +54
So wait is this now a Flashback within a flashback.🤕
Posted on 19 July 2019, 19:44 UTC by:   RabidTanker   
Score +17
Since when could she use her powers like that? Not saying that it's impossible, but still.
Posted on 25 July 2019, 15:39 UTC by:   AlexDKZ   
Score +16
Gotta love how having sex with Azula had absolutely nothing to do with anything, and old Toph told that part just to embarrass her daughter in front of a bunch of teens.
Posted on 06 August 2019, 06:32 UTC by:   Lorisor   
Score +101
The funniest part about this whole comic is that the story just continues to digress, someone asks a question and she goes "Well..." and it just keeps going.
Posted on 09 August 2019, 12:41 UTC by:   rencen   
Score +19
I found it funny how the story suppose to be about Beifong father and we were to believed it was Azula on how it had started until it shifted that Azula cumming in her doesn't mean she's her dad.

Toph is just bascially wanted to brag her good sex life to somebodies!
Posted on 13 August 2019, 20:07 UTC by:   PoorWhiteTrash   
Score +69
Azula is hot in any language. Especially Braille.
Posted on 15 August 2019, 20:51 UTC by:   AlexDKZ   
Score +8
, page 2 seems to be in "Toph-vision" (looks similar to that page where she scans Sokka), so she got enough of a look at Azula to know she was pretty hot.
Posted on 16 August 2019, 01:49 UTC by:   Demonlogan   
Score +14

She's technically unaware of who it is (which she'd probably recognize if she'd been paying attention) so I dunno about that specifically . However, she had previously been in the same room as Azula with her bending, so can probably use that as a reference point.
Posted on 16 August 2019, 03:18 UTC by:   God Revan   
Score +17
Yooo....Morgana....CHILL with the horse dick on Sokka!!! Lmfao XD
Posted on 16 August 2019, 03:37 UTC by:   nicrocon   
Score +28
Huh, not a single Wang fire joke.
Posted on 19 August 2019, 20:11 UTC by:   solidhebi893   
Score +11
Wait so is this site dying or not? We’re still here
Posted on 24 August 2019, 02:23 UTC by:   justlookingforporn   
Score +59
That smug, getting dick sucked face. 10/10
Posted on 30 August 2019, 18:11 UTC by:   PoorWhiteTrash   
Score +34
Size of that thing? He probably feeds it live mice.
Posted on 07 September 2019, 08:23 UTC by:   jenna69   
Score +25
I thought it's gonna be futa/shemxfem only.....K.Sorbo : disappointed...............
Posted on 12 September 2019, 20:40 UTC by:   funkwolf   
Score +49
Can we all recognise how pretty Katara looks in this style? Almost makes up for the fact that we never saw a young adult Katara in LOK.
Posted on 19 October 2019, 01:37 UTC by:   kieyzo   
Score +12
Gotdamn this has been along comic . i haven't seen this much dialog since star wars lol.
Posted on 25 October 2019, 12:01 UTC by:   Aquzim   
Score +11
Fucking three of the Toph? Then why are there four dudes dickin you a couple pages back? MY IMMERSION RUINED!
Posted on 04 November 2019, 05:14 UTC by:   PoorWhiteTrash   
Score +46
The fourth one isn't a guard. He just stopped by to ask for directions.
Posted on 09 November 2019, 08:58 UTC by:   zanead   
Score +89
*Stifles laugh*
The mother knows.
Posted on 09 November 2019, 10:55 UTC by:   cjrtwin1   
Score +73
Like Mother, Like Daughter! LMFAO!!
Posted on 16 November 2019, 11:46 UTC by:   lordkina15   
Score +62
Just bring the futa back.
Posted on 18 November 2019, 19:27 UTC by:   Snake_King   
Score +77
Why do I get the feeling that Toph's just screwing with them and telling random tales of her sexual escapades with the fake promise of saying who Lin's daddy really is?
Posted on 23 November 2019, 10:12 UTC by:   nicrocon   
Score +39
The twist is Sokka mega dick destroys her uterus and she creates Lin by earth bending a baby out of clay Wonder Woman style.
Posted on 06 December 2019, 19:51 UTC by:   Taigan   
Score +10
Ok. The “Toph never gets to cum” aspect of this story is starting to grate on me.
Posted on 07 December 2019, 08:15 UTC by:   John Madison   
Score +57
Came for the futa, left because no more futa I guess.
Posted on 13 December 2019, 10:00 UTC by:   jmendura   
Score +56
You can now vote for Toph Heavy on!
/ />
And if you want to help support the comic then there's the Patreon for the comic!
Posted on 14 December 2019, 00:06 UTC by:   wonderbread08   
Score +35
Same. Plus I love Azula.
Posted on 11 January 2020, 01:18 UTC by:   vjm3   
Score +7
"Get your butthole ready, Twinkle toes."
Posted on 16 January 2020, 21:53 UTC by:   futackerman   
Score +10
to page 40, 10/10;
after page 40, 8/10.
the quality of the drawings is still good (maybe better), but "futa x fem" was much better than this boring "mal x fem".
Posted on 22 January 2020, 00:27 UTC by:   Snake_King   
Score +17
When it comes to futa stuff, futa x fem is the ONLY kind of futa material I enjoy. I don’t care for futa x futa or futa x male, and those two are about the only kind I see getting posted.

Just to clarify, this is only how I feel, and tastes are subjective.
Posted on 31 January 2020, 01:39 UTC by:   God Revan   
Score +88
So far, this Comic is flat out amazing. Personally, I enjoyed Azula & Toph more than Toph and Sokka. Don't get me wrong, Sokka having a cock of the size of a horse was god damn hilarious but my little "fiction" of Toph sire'ing Azula's child was shattered when Sokka got introduced. That was so far the biggest disappointment in the Web Comic. That's it; everything else was superb.
Posted on 31 January 2020, 22:44 UTC by:   hentailover6983   
Score +17
I wonder if we'll eventually see the other members of the GAang have some sweet earthbending love with Toph as the story progresses. Hopefully, Toph gets revitalized to have some hot sex with Korra and Asami.
Posted on 06 February 2020, 09:06 UTC by:   Icirian   
Score +8
And we are still waiting to know why Toph can't have kids... it's turning into a himym kind comics... I love it!!
Posted on 06 February 2020, 12:09 UTC by:   Taigan   
Score +33
Shouldn’t the new cover page be first?
Posted on 07 February 2020, 18:55 UTC by:   solidhebi893   
Score +43
I hope part 3 has more futazula. Or just futa in general.
Posted on 13 August 2020, 04:56 UTC by:   pHd_pancake_tosser   
Score +6
As we can see, Toph is legit "Melon Lord"

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