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[Oh!Nice]Musicians Troubles [English] (ongoing)

Posted:2020-01-16 17:35
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Length:12 pages
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Posted on 20 December 2019, 21:32 UTC by:   ohnice artist   
Score +161
Hello, this is oh!nice speaking :)

If you like my work you can follow me on:

/ />/ />/ />
Have a great day!
Posted on 20 December 2019, 22:42 UTC by:   FapLord666   
Score +70
Love your work, keep on going
Posted on 20 December 2019, 22:42 UTC by:   ThunderKurono   
Score +145
This is really nice, there're not many stories focused on musicians. I'll be following you, fam

Edit: It's funny I was downvoted to hell without saying anything bad.
Last edited on 06 January 2020, 15:38 UTC.
Posted on 20 December 2019, 22:51 UTC by:   Blaschowitz   
Score +42
god damn this is so funny.
Posted on 21 December 2019, 00:02 UTC by:   La_Mangouste   
Score +85
Okay I like the woman's figure but seriously, does that guy wear spandex pants to have that kind of bulge?
Posted on 21 December 2019, 00:57 UTC by:   BPuff   
Score +77
Hope we get a page where he starts playing the piano perfectly with his penis before making music with his wife on stage.
Posted on 21 December 2019, 07:13 UTC by:   JorgOfAncrath   
Score +11
Just get a smaller penis loooooooooooooool 4head
Posted on 21 December 2019, 18:48 UTC by:   hawkeye2124   
Score +33
Hoping for nreast suckage. Them tits too big and delicious
Posted on 25 December 2019, 03:25 UTC by:   silverOverlord   
Score +35
He reminds me way too much of the AVGN. I can't do this.
Posted on 04 January 2020, 04:17 UTC by:   Darktaka   
Score +33
Thanks for this I love me some thick girls.
Posted on 04 January 2020, 06:04 UTC by:   blargslarp   
Score +26
Aw, that was adorable.
Posted on 08 January 2020, 23:11 UTC by:   hjerry   
Score +7
The entire room will break out into an orgy soon
Posted on 09 January 2020, 01:56 UTC by:   hawkeye2124   
Score +33
Need some breast suckage in this. You draw boobs too well to not have any in your work
Posted on 10 January 2020, 01:08 UTC by:   Maryu   
Score +6
This Artist is Excellent people. Thanks.
Posted on 10 January 2020, 09:13 UTC by:   dantheogre   
Score +12
Oh!Nice... your stuff is ground breaking. Mixing real married couple love with some good 'ol porno. Fuck yes!
Posted on 14 January 2020, 14:08 UTC by:   Anonygoose   
Score +9
I love how the artists name symbolises the reaction most people have when they see a new picture from them.

Also, I would love to see more of who I am dubbing the Thanks Lady. If I ever have money to spare, I'd be willing to pay for that.
Posted on 21 January 2020, 01:00 UTC by:   19t3ig1ji   
Score +40
Posted on 21 January 2020, 03:16 UTC by:   Tristail   
Score +2
I wish there was a massive wet spot on the front of her dress when she went wet like that XD
Posted on 21 January 2020, 13:14 UTC by:   dharanempire69   
Score +26
it's refreshing to see erotica, not just smut.
Posted on 21 January 2020, 16:29 UTC by:   lvw233   
Score +6
Posted on 23 January 2020, 23:08 UTC by:   Fistonladin   
Score +6
That was... awesome
Posted on 24 January 2020, 11:25 UTC by:   animanera89   
Score +19
I sincerely hope there'll be some powerful buttfucking too. The premises are great, now let's wait for the action to unfold!

Last edited on 16 March 2020, 22:22 UTC.
Posted on 28 January 2020, 09:51 UTC by:   Tristail   
Score +7
I'd love to live in a world where reporters understand that maybe, just sometimes, we'd rather have sex with our SO.
Posted on 28 January 2020, 13:29 UTC by:   vixenelli   
Score +17
“I’m offended and I will blog about it tomorrow”

I love you oh!nice because that was my favorite. It got a good laugh out of me.
Posted on 29 January 2020, 01:29 UTC by:   Tristail   
Score +7
Oh gods those tits look amazing.
Posted on 29 January 2020, 21:03 UTC by:   animechic420   
Score +18
I hope to read more comics like this.
Posted on 30 January 2020, 01:08 UTC by:   Selvokaz   
Score +5
the fat blogger chick made my chuckle.
Posted on 30 January 2020, 01:57 UTC by:   thatguy26   
Score +6
Posted on 30 January 2020, 03:13 UTC by:   0ld0neEye   
Score +67
Man, I know that the Grand Staff is used in keyboard music, but this is ridiculous!
Posted on 01 February 2020, 05:04 UTC by:   Tristail   
Score +28
Her breasts are getting bigger every page, interesting...
Last edited on 02 February 2020, 02:00 UTC.
Posted on 08 March 2020, 07:35 UTC by:   lordofaces   
Score +157
Man fucked the brunette out of her.
Posted on 08 March 2020, 19:41 UTC by:   blargslarp   
Score +48
So this is the power of the spiral
Posted on 10 March 2020, 02:39 UTC by:   Selvokaz   
Score +59
love that the author plays up the hair color change, most people would have just ignored it.
Posted on 10 March 2020, 03:05 UTC by:   hatepie   
Score +57
I dunno what happened, but the art went downhill in the last few pages.
Posted on 11 March 2020, 01:58 UTC by:   dopnessisreal   
Score +2
I like the change in art, colourful and fun! Have been following the artist on twitter and looks like he enjoy experimenting with different style.
Posted on 23 March 2020, 06:59 UTC by:   Zeikfried   
Score +9
I thought she was going to be a massive bitch from the cover. I guess rather than just not judging a book by its cover, you also have to judge your own mood before jumping to conclusions (I am in a bad mood).

Posted on 27 March 2020, 16:01 UTC by:   anon102938   
Score +59
> ends in a genuine request for impregnation
Just like that other story, this is some pure top 10/10 stuff dude. The only thing that would make this a 11/10 is the lewdest act of all:
Posted on 30 March 2020, 18:55 UTC by:   joker谭   
Score +1
Posted on 06 April 2020, 17:10 UTC by:   deadlymopo   
Score +6
Music page 31
Posted on 07 April 2020, 14:24 UTC by:   anon102938   
Score +19
The madman actually did it, I am a wizard
Posted on 09 April 2020, 04:38 UTC by:   Anzertock   
Score +4
Posted on 15 April 2020, 19:40 UTC by:   camacaze199   
Score +23
>God damn he fucked the brunette outta her
top kek
Posted on 23 April 2020, 00:17 UTC by:   Rawr1125   
Score +8
Just curious since I was browsing DLSite, is this someone else trying to sell your work under a different title?


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