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[TheKite] How My Gardevoir Became A Porn Star! (Pokémon) [Ongoing]

Posted:2020-02-14 19:55
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File Size:123.6 MB
Length:139 pages
Favorited:3102 times
Average: 4.77

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[TheKite] How My Gardevoir Became A Porn Star! (Pokémon) [Ongoing], added 2020-02-17 19:00
[TheKite] How My Gardevoir Became A Porn Star! (Pokémon) [Ongoing], added 2020-02-17 19:01

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Posted on 14 February 2020, 19:55 UTC by:   saltcutlet   
Uploader Comment
Posted on 22 April 2019, 12:40 UTC by:   someguywatch1ngporn   
Score +168
oh damn the drama is getting good! also who would guess Pokemon could speak so fancy & elegant? damn
Posted on 22 April 2019, 23:54 UTC by:   furrylicker   
Score +230
expected porn.... got A tier Drama... nicu~
Posted on 24 April 2019, 03:59 UTC by:   amyshapes   
Score +110
I no longer read this for porn. I read it cause it's fucking adorable
Posted on 24 April 2019, 22:42 UTC by:   TheGrog   
Score +93
I'm just waiting for the Hex Maniac to show up again.
Posted on 25 April 2019, 06:17 UTC by:   dragontamer8740   
Score +86
Hm, i initially passed this by, but judging by the comments and current rating maybe I shouldn't have.
Posted on 29 April 2019, 12:08 UTC by:   Tess Verres   
Score +210
Searched for female:posssession, found this tagged under the Spanish translation (as this doesn't have the tag). Looked interesting in the first couple pages and found this. Ready to fap and such gave it a read. Put vibrator away and sat up to enjoy reading the story more. 10/10
Posted on 29 April 2019, 21:17 UTC by:   The-Kite   
Score +97
I don't remember any other artists working on this with me...
Posted on 29 April 2019, 23:37 UTC by:   majob   
Score +71
Came for the porn. Stayed for the plot
Posted on 03 May 2019, 21:15 UTC by:   masakatsu   
Score +90
That was just the Prologue? Ohhhh, this is gonna be good.
Posted on 04 May 2019, 01:35 UTC by:   V1nc3nt   
Score +99
Fucking PROLOGUE end? All of this was a PROLOGUE? You better not be blueballing me on this, I swear to god.
Posted on 04 May 2019, 01:57 UTC by:   Sira Dragon   
Score +44
Wait what, that was the prologue? holy heck!
Posted on 04 May 2019, 07:12 UTC by:   GenaroG   
Score +62
We in for a long one folks, strap in!
Posted on 28 May 2019, 04:29 UTC by:   ancientpower   
Score +87
Really nice to see Pokemon smut with this much worldbuilding about the adult elements. Hope this isn't the kind of thing the artist burns out on because I'm dying to see more.
Posted on 05 June 2019, 16:58 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +71
There are an awful lot of 'people' speaking pokemon, aren't there? And yet the incredibly intelligent Mawile can't?
Posted on 05 June 2019, 21:05 UTC by:   The-Kite   
Score +71
There is only one of them:
Lena, Pixie, Eerie, Homura, Reika all speaks Pokémon language exclusively.
Aya can understand Pokémon speech, which allows her to universally communicate with Pokémon.
Lou can "understand" Eerie due to their long standing bond, and has said that she more or less is deducing what is being said.
Lou can't understand Pixie's skree-ing, but Pixie is able to write human language, which she uses to communicate with Lou (as long as another method they worked out as the writing method limits communication).

Literally only Elsa speaks human language. :p
Posted on 11 June 2019, 03:24 UTC by:   baadar   
Score +49
Read their pokedex entries xD
Posted on 13 June 2019, 08:43 UTC by:   thr0w0w0y   
Score +111
Wow, that is a LOT of dead children. Seems like the perfect place for a porn shoot!
Posted on 22 June 2019, 02:41 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +45
Its official. Even the dead pokemon are perverts, lol.
Posted on 05 July 2019, 12:25 UTC by:   newtype711   
Score +56

The mythos of the trainer classes that was added in the last few page is, AMAZING!

Like the original Gundam, Pokemon opens up a great world when worked around in the minds of the fans.
The girls are cute, that helps.
Posted on 08 July 2019, 01:14 UTC by:   Witchfinder   
Score +59
“I once tried to become a Beauty, but the Trainer Registration Service laughed me out of the building.”

Posted on 08 July 2019, 15:57 UTC by:   Triforce777   
Score +51
Oof, seeing depressed and almost suicidal Lou hits close to home
Posted on 08 July 2019, 23:31 UTC by:   theglueman   
Score +171
"what will happen to my pokemon if i kill myself"
o no
Posted on 12 July 2019, 14:32 UTC by:   truefire   
Score +66
There are no double pages. Two of the three "doubles" are alternate art pages, and the third is the same scene from Gardevoir's perspective.
Posted on 22 July 2019, 16:20 UTC by:   ShoggothOfStone   
Score +47
Why does a story about a gardevoir becoming a pornstar so fucking good?
Posted on 22 July 2019, 18:37 UTC by:   EvilScotsman12   
Score +44
Oh, so she's thinking of having a bit of Hex Maniac fun in her production? I'm 100% behind that as they are thicc as all hell.

Also, loving how a comic that's meant to be about porn has some really good world building and story telling in it..
Posted on 02 August 2019, 12:08 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +60
I'm liking this mc better without her head shoved so far up her own ass she can't see anyone else.
Side note: In the world of pokemon, where animals you find in the woods can literally cause the weather and landscape to change at whim, why the heck is she surprised about snow out of season? Some pokemon change the weather by existing...
Posted on 03 August 2019, 19:37 UTC by:   Fellkab   
Score +37
Snow in august? Welcome to Russia
Posted on 08 August 2019, 16:00 UTC by:   BigStudBen   
Score +90
I want to see more Yuri Porn Action. <3
Posted on 10 August 2019, 00:53 UTC by:   thatguy26   
Score +90
Show 👏Me👏Them👏Hex👏Maniac👏TIDDIES👏
Posted on 06 September 2019, 16:51 UTC by:   Ragner Angel   
Score +68
Just gonna be another one of them "came for the porn, stayed for the plot" peops in this loooong comment thread XD

Not to mention the "OH SNAP" (i actually yelled that out loud) when Lopunny mega-evolved on the spot
Posted on 13 September 2019, 08:26 UTC by:   bellsaor   
Score +40
Setup Clefable would put massive holes in that mono ice team. Stealth rocks would hurt and bait in a rapid spin from avalugg and sandslush and since clefable gets fire blast would waste both of them. With cosmic power and soft boiled you have a lot of time to punch massive holes before needing to switch out. Unaware makes stat changes on the opponents side absolutely worthless and a magic guard clefable would stop toxic stalling dead in its tracks. Anyway, that's my competitive ass analyzing the team
Posted on 13 September 2019, 09:42 UTC by:   Simple_2   
Score +78
I CAME HERE FOR PORN, WHY I'M STAYING FOR DRAMA? 10/10 would be sucked in again !
Posted on 17 September 2019, 12:06 UTC by:   FarkyMac   
Score +43
I feel like adding an extra pokemon after you've registered with only 3 for a battle is cheating.
Posted on 07 October 2019, 18:52 UTC by:   dx8771   
Score +42
All I can say is the mother must certainly love the taste of crow she has to eat now. Ultimately it’s lose lose for her because she was a total bitch in the past
Posted on 25 October 2019, 17:34 UTC by:   Ragner Angel   
Score +36
This went from porn, to plot to downright feels roller coaster... That revelation on Lou has to be absolutely crushing. Rip her makeup through and through.

Dammit ! This is not what the tissues are meant for!
Posted on 15 November 2019, 11:29 UTC by:   The-Kite   
Score +93
: Well it has to do with the way I wanted to unravel the story; rather than a "linear" story", I thought it'd be fun to try and tell the story in reverse, starting with situations that already happened and giving info as to why it happened and the context it happened in progressively in a breadcrumb way

So that may indeed leave with confusing situations and missing contexts until you get the info xD

The fact that I didn't want to do an Alfie-long comic (bless you Incase, but I have no idea how you ever had the patience for 900 pages) and set a definite set of pages for the entire story may have forced me to adapt a pace that may not allow me to properly set the context; I kinda had to "rewrite" part of this chapter to extend it because it would have been too fast and too confusing NOT to have deeper context ><

Anyway, please do tell me if you have suggestions it; readers' impressions are important to how I can improve the comic going forward. :3

Please be polite and constructive about it tho lol

else I don't always reply to: Sorry if I don't always reply, but I do appreciate your comments, support, and feedback!
Posted on 23 November 2019, 15:36 UTC by:   Freezer445   
Score +65
This is quite possibly one of the very few moments where you came for the porn, but stayed for the plot.
Posted on 17 December 2019, 12:35 UTC by:   AlexDKZ   
Score +49
I just wonder if the rest of the stadium can hear what they are saying. I mean, they are quite apart from each other, so either they are yelling or the mics are on.
Posted on 10 January 2020, 20:47 UTC by:   Ragner Angel   
Score +45
ohhhhhh snapppp these plot twists get me more eager than all my other drama series and anime combined. The need to know what happens next is soooooo stroooong.

Addendum: I actually needed to see Calida in regular form to guess that was a mega blaziken lmao.
Posted on 11 January 2020, 23:19 UTC by:   Witchfinder   
Score +67
For a second, I totally forgot this started as anthro Pokemon porn.
Posted on 15 January 2020, 18:58 UTC by:   The-Kite   
Score +53
: I'm not really going to dignify this with an answer to the "critique", because there's nothing there except a random who thinks that because they don't like the story it's automatically badly written, and that presumes that my uploading rhythm is something they are allowed to complain about when they're reading this for free, on a site I don't update my comics on and generally don't owe you anything. You haven't provided a single morsel of argumentation to your ad personam spiel despite me citing in this very comment thread that I was open to any criticism or suggestion so long as they were constructive or at least polite. In short, you're not forced to read this, fuck you, you're a minority with that mindset and your opinion is not one I plan on caring about. You can fuck off, go read something else, and show us how great YOU are at scripts. I'm sure you'll find a willing artist with that attitude. Or perhaps you are a liberal arts major. With that way of "critiquing", it would'n't surprise me.

: It's my fault with the early comic AND the new Shorts. When I did part 49, I wanted to imply that they had a relationship that was physical indeed, but that it wasn't a serious one, and Lou thought that Aya pretended to be serious so they could have another physical relationship again. I've got a proofreader that also script-doctors it since the beginning of chapter 1, because while Lexander likes the smell of their own farts, they're somewhat correct in the fact that being both an artist and writing the script is hard, as you're generally better at either one of these skills and rarely skilled at both. I'm trying to improve in both, but there may be incoherence I miss here and there as I try to build on what I wrote prior to the post prologue reread and expansion of some aspects of the story. :3

Which is why proper reader feedback is great and useful!

: We're reaching the crescendo in a few pages, both in the past, the present and the "future" and regarless of the outcome, I hope it'll at least be a satisfying one, whether I end up going with the outcome you didn't prefer or not. :3

Edit: BTW for everyone else and for the ones who are wondering where the porn is and when it comes back: Soon(ish)! You have a few more pages of drama to tolerate (or timeskip :P) but we're reaching the end of this chapter, which is heavily slanted on backstory.
Last edited on 15 January 2020, 21:51 UTC.
Posted on 18 January 2020, 18:50 UTC by:   Lexander   
Score +72
The-Kite Sigh, I think you really missed the whole point of the schedule thing. The problem isn't the periodicity of your release schedule, it's the writing. You're not in comics, you're in webcomics. You're not releasing one manga chapter, or issue, or album at a time. You're releasing one page at a time. And you're not actually writing this with that idea in mind.

When you write a comic you divide the script into pages - at least I hope you do - then the pages into panels. What you have to do in webcomic that you don't have to do in more traditional avenues is ask yourself how each individual page reads without all the pages that follow in your script. Each page has to be entertaining on it's own, it has to further the story thus far, but it must not depend on pages yet to come.

Don't get me wrong, this is not just a you problem, and not just a webcomic problem. I have a hardcover Metabarons omnibus behind me and reading that all at once sucks because it was written to be released as a series of albums over several years. Each album starts with a recap of the previous one and the story thus far. Great if you read it when it came out originally, really annoying if you're trying to read the entire story at once and have to read periodic recaps of stuff you just finished reading.

You don't seem to have written this as a webcomic but as a traditional comic that you are releasing one page at a time - which makes it a badly written webcomic.

I hope this was clearer.
Posted on 28 January 2020, 05:06 UTC by:   baadar   
Score +48
Ok...that part with team Rocket and everything was a bit too convoluted...
Posted on 10 February 2020, 15:03 UTC by:   MetaSnake   
Score +56
Called it. Froslass is the dead lover.
Posted on 14 February 2020, 22:04 UTC by:   Magaso   
Score +44
I actually would love to know how weird it got.
Posted on 15 February 2020, 21:12 UTC by:   thekingofhobos   
Score +2
even this cant escape raid shadow legends
Posted on 17 February 2020, 19:22 UTC by:   Shuriell   
Score +8
Point of comment: page 104

Did the first panel of this page take longer than usual?
Usually I can (if I'm inclined to) find some small niggle or imperfection in the human drawings. (Not actually meant as a critcism as perfection is effectively unattainable).
But I really can't in this front view of Lou.
It is incredible.

EDIT: Fuck, of course the next thing my brain does is find a niggle. Damn you brain.
Posted on 17 February 2020, 20:27 UTC by:   greatlakes100   
Score +30
Out of curiosity, what do you guys think of potentially having a "mother-daughter bonding moment" sometime later down the line?

Could it work?
Posted on 21 February 2020, 22:07 UTC by:   yperh   
Score +6
That weird feeling when you thought the asterisk on Galarian Ponyta was going to explain the joke of how Lou was essentially asking for a unicorn, but instead is clear communication from the author on how they plan to expand on the plot of the story.
Posted on 22 February 2020, 06:39 UTC by:   EtherealSoul   
Score +39
Is it wrong that I kind of want some intimate mother-daughter bonding...? Probably.
Posted on 24 February 2020, 12:55 UTC by:   Shuriell   
Score +8
Point of comment: p106

What even would that cutout be classified as? Underboob window?
Though it does look interesting.

(also irrelevant minor art niggle. Most of the time the waist to hip ratio in the comic (for humans) is somewhere in the 0.4-0.5 range. Lou's in the second panel is about 0.3 and it honestly made my internally wince in sympathy pain for a moment imagining a corset)

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