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[Minority] Kyou wa Netorare Youbi | Today is NTR Day Ch.1-3 [English] {} [Digital]

[マイノリティ] 今日はNTR曜日 第1-3話 [英訳] [DL版]

Posted:2020-03-25 13:07
Visible:No (Replaced)
Language:English  TR
File Size:140.8 MB
Length:63 pages
Favorited:1942 times
Average: 4.61

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Posted on 25 March 2020, 13:07 UTC by:   Viktor0nk   
Uploader Comment
Translated by: (Striborg/ Lance)
Posted on 11 March 2020, 08:01 UTC by:   MUGENNO SHINDO   
Score +302
yes,yes,yes!!!! finally...minority ntr
Posted on 11 March 2020, 08:04 UTC by:   blackkat101   
Score +80
Artist is in the tags, but should also be placed in the title (and on the torrent) normally too. Seems like there are a handful of doujin's recently uploaded like this.....
Posted on 11 March 2020, 16:02 UTC by:   iGetTurnOnby2D   
Score +67
Posted on 11 March 2020, 17:24 UTC by:   Tripfriend1   
Score +203
Now that's what I call the thinking man fetish
Posted on 11 March 2020, 17:39 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +7
Was this translated before? I feel like I've read this. Wait, never mind, it was the other one he did.
Posted on 11 March 2020, 18:09 UTC by:   giga-ganon   
Score +33
YES! Was waiting for this translation for so long!
Posted on 11 March 2020, 21:00 UTC by:   bakahaito   
Score +55
Wow!!! are there plans to translate the rest of the story too??
Posted on 11 March 2020, 21:09 UTC by:   darkZ14   
Score +68
Art is on point !! But i will never be able to understand the NTR fetish
Posted on 14 March 2020, 14:44 UTC by:   CelestialNTR   
Score +108
The people that always go into NTR works, even though they hate it. Definitely got NTR'd irl lol.
Posted on 14 March 2020, 14:53 UTC by:   hoigoigoi   
Score +218
NTR Day is the best holiday ever.
Posted on 15 March 2020, 02:08 UTC by:   MrFungo   
Score +124
Morale of the story: close the curtains when you have sex or you're gonna get cucked.
Posted on 15 March 2020, 22:18 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +35
Netorase. That's actually pretty rare.
Posted on 18 March 2020, 09:56 UTC by:   IPWNJOO246   
Score +31

Too fucking rare.
Posted on 18 March 2020, 14:56 UTC by:   giga-ganon   
Score +27
I love this, can't wait until everything is translated!

I wish it was the same guy stealing both girls, but it's still great
Posted on 18 March 2020, 17:57 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +142

Its still NTR.
'NeToRase', which is when the cuck enjoys it and lets it continue for their own pleasure.
'NeToRare' is when they're crushed by it.
'NeToRi' is when the main chracter is the one doing the cucking.
All three are in the category of 'NTR' which you can see in their spellings.
Posted on 18 March 2020, 18:05 UTC by:   Forgunia   
Score +154
Hentai proving once again that fat ugly old men are truly the apex alphas among men.
Posted on 19 March 2020, 06:11 UTC by:   Shadpw_Strider   
Score +97
This was just too absurd even for NTR. It felt more like a satire of the genre.
Posted on 21 March 2020, 14:40 UTC by:   Nekohunter33   
Score -39
Cuck genocide day when?
Posted on 21 March 2020, 19:06 UTC by:   Yossarian762   
Score +26
*rocko voice*

NTR day is a very dangerous day
Posted on 25 March 2020, 15:58 UTC by:   yaps   
Score +26
"I love the War of the world"
Posted on 25 March 2020, 17:48 UTC by:   Forgunia   
Score +313
Dude is playing 4D chess to cuck himself out of the genepool.
Posted on 25 March 2020, 18:36 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +64
This really feels like its making fun of ntr, honestly.
The main guy is so extreme that its silly.
Posted on 25 March 2020, 21:32 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +162
This guy un-apologetically wants to be cucked from here to tomorrow. This is probably the most shameless MCs I've ever seen. XD
Posted on 25 March 2020, 23:57 UTC by:   cabman11   
Score +31
Jokes on you guys, he enjoys his NTR
Last edited on 26 March 2020, 08:06 UTC.
Posted on 26 March 2020, 06:04 UTC by:   steveman123   
Score +51
wait a minute, is he allowed to do that?
Posted on 27 March 2020, 00:21 UTC by:   TrueSuffering   
Score +42
It's not even NTR at this point, it's just normal voyeurism
Posted on 27 March 2020, 04:25 UTC by:   beyblader   
Score +212
"Fools! You're not cucking me! You are but pawns so that I may cuck myself! You fucked my girlfriend...making me the victor..."
Posted on 28 March 2020, 20:56 UTC by:   ssj782   
Score +6

Its still NTR. There are three types, and this one is NeToRase. Where the guy enjoys getting cucked and continues allowing it or even helping it happen.
Posted on 29 March 2020, 01:19 UTC by:   PokeNirvash   
Score -34
>guy hooks up with his childhood friend
>loses his virginity to her
>convinces her to wear perverted outfits for him
>she then leaves him for his gross neighbor

What the actual fuck Japan. Is it really that difficult to let your fictional characters have nice things without ruining it and then running it into the ground long after you've made your point? I thought you'd have learned after the finale of Eureka seveN AO, but I guess not!

Edit: I'mma be honest with you all, these downvotes are more of a badge of pride than you think they are.
Last edited on 06 April 2020, 02:05 UTC.
Posted on 29 March 2020, 04:31 UTC by:   moximoore   
Score +19


Don't mention Astral Ocean. DX
Posted on 02 April 2020, 09:08 UTC by:   ART65   
Score +18
The problem is that i actually love MInority art.
Oh well, others enjoy it i guess...
Posted on 02 April 2020, 10:10 UTC by:   Stephen9001   
Score +34
...I'm not sure if the guy being so into getting cucked makes things better or worse.
Posted on 02 April 2020, 19:43 UTC by:   ihminen   
Score +6
Those two sure are sluts though.
And i like it.
Posted on 03 April 2020, 21:56 UTC by:   dakight   
Score +31
The dialog is so full of satire that i am sure this have to be the translator taking liberty with this work.
Posted on 05 April 2020, 03:57 UTC by:   Dbowiie   
Score +5
This is the the most cringe manga i see ever, i love it XD
Posted on 09 April 2020, 12:20 UTC by:   bos_ganja   
Score +6
ughh... my heart... shit.... even i know it wrong but why i still come to here.....
Posted on 09 April 2020, 14:27 UTC by:   The Ganja Lord   
Score +6
If only more writers were this creative
Posted on 09 April 2020, 16:12 UTC by:   Forgunia   
Score +12
This isn't your everyday cuckery, this is... ADVANCED cuckery.

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