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[VipCaptions] Jinkxed

Posted:2013-10-10 07:48
File Size:673.3 MB
Length:757 pages
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Average: 4.04

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Posted on 10 October 2013, 07:48 UTC by:   eddie76   
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Posted on 20 July 2013, 13:34 UTC by:   LD0ne   
Score +90
ugh. even by 3d standards those chicks are pretty scary looking. especially pic 39
Posted on 21 July 2013, 00:13 UTC by:   Montaj   
Score +145
, I saw your comment and was expecting far worse, It's actually page 40 that it turns 'female', but I don't know if it's lighting, but the next few pages it starts to look better.. Maybe it's just that in 40 it's 'isolated'.

The woman at the start however, yeah, they looked creppy, XD. Hope our 'lucky contestants' don't end up looking like that.
Posted on 21 July 2013, 00:58 UTC by:   jhbjhb   
Score +21
i like thids guys stuff, but he almost never has sex the characters have in them
Posted on 10 October 2013, 15:09 UTC by:   KamikazeShooter   
Score +9
Finally it is completed, and I can't wait for the upcoming new series that this great artist will bring to us!!!
And nice touch on the appearance of Judge Dredd by the way!!!

Hope to see more gender bender in your next work VipCaptions!!!
Posted on 02 September 2013, 09:14 UTC by:   newsbox   
Score +108
I really hope that this comic has some female/male action where the girls learn about their bodies more intimately.

Just really don't want another they turned into girls, and are stuck like that. That would be kind of shitty.

Edit 1. Ahh man Tiny got ruined. I thought they were going to keep one petite,and one full sized instead they made one hot, and one just a fuck doll.

Edit 2. Already posted this in the other gallery but....

The fuck did he ruin them both now. Really why did the artist go down this road. Seriously, both are now completely ruined. I know the 3d artist has some skills but he just ruined the work she/he did.

I hope it still changes route, but I have a feeling it will keep on going down hill from here.
Posted on 30 July 2013, 04:54 UTC by:   badkitty77   
Score +36
This concept is amazing. It makes me wish there were machines like this in actuality.
Posted on 02 August 2013, 23:32 UTC by:   trivialconquest   
Score +28
Started off kinda bad, but things are getting interesting. Ill have to keep an eye on this.
Posted on 06 August 2013, 22:45 UTC by:   ekvator   
Score +109
Knowing the author the ending is going to be a colossal mind fuck.
Posted on 18 August 2013, 04:27 UTC by:   zagnor   
Score +19
this needs an update
Posted on 19 August 2013, 12:25 UTC by:   PillowFighter648   
Score +26
After pic 218, we all knew what was gonna happen, am I right?

Though I think it just adds to the quality of the story(Don't get me wrong on this, I like big tits as long as the chick still can walk and they look a bit real).
Posted on 17 September 2013, 22:49 UTC by:   kyleblue   
Score +106
update: it became very baaad... boobsie became hideous , disgusting, shit artist really ruined it when she gave her cross eye , faaat lips, and to make sure it went down the drains with no returning .. she made her into a disgusting cat-like thing .. i swear i almost vomited
Posted on 17 September 2013, 13:33 UTC by:   Slarki   
Score +16
which program did he used?
Posted on 17 September 2013, 19:34 UTC by:   desrew   
Score +15
#116: Perfectly sums the host up.
Posted on 11 October 2013, 06:14 UTC by:   masta518   
Score +94
I enjoyed the transformations up to 244. The girls looked attractive and even cute, but then it turned too hardcore for me. What a shame.

Edit: Well, that was quite a rollercoaster ride. The ending seemed to be a downer, then it picked up, then it got dark again, then it got hopeful, then it turned into a cliffhanger. Despite my disgust at the extremes of the story, by the end, I really did want Tiny to have a happy life for all the suffering she's been through.

I don't know if she'll get a happy ending in the sequel/future, but it was decent in my opinion.
3 Stars.
Posted on 18 September 2013, 03:19 UTC by:   AerosM   
Score +311
Agree with masta518. This started off as a rather interesting gender bender/Corruption. But then it just entered the realm of straight up weird. Obviously, there are a ton of people who enjoy tits at sizes that defy natural law. There are also people who may enjoy the idea of lips so large they belong on a duck. Still others may get off on chicks who have some weird eye deformity.

But at the end of the day, I don't think anyone can truly appreciate all these highly extreme kinks at the same time. A terrible shame. The author had a great idea, and clearly put a ton of work into this, but you have to stick to a particular fetish. If you try and ram rod every obscure fetish known to man into one work, the end result is bad. And this is bad.

I say this as someone who was looking foreword to updates for this. It was definitely fappable, and I could go along with it. I could even overlook some of the things along the way that got rid of my chubbie. But the incessant parade is a deal breaker. At least one of the many fetishes displayed here will be a deal breaker for anyone reading this, and that is not good a good thing. You need to stick to a specific genre. Bouncing around all over the place means you leave everyone dissatisfied.

2 stars.
Posted on 10 October 2013, 10:33 UTC by:   The Goat is Watching   
Score +59
....Judge Dredd?
Posted on 10 October 2013, 16:00 UTC by:   Nelix192   
Score +4
Didn't like the Judge Dredd part of it, but as you pointed out later, it is a spoiler alert for upcoming series then it is ok. The whole concept is pretty far out and the rendering is exceptional. Well done and keep it up.
Posted on 10 October 2013, 17:07 UTC by:   PregnantWhoreFucker   
Score +26
A face like the one on 726 would kill my boner...
Last edited on 02 July 2015, 22:07 UTC.
Posted on 10 October 2013, 20:11 UTC by:   D u b b y   
Score +51
Wow, talk about a depressing ending.

Although I did laugh at page 753....
Posted on 14 October 2013, 17:37 UTC by:   melekain   
Score +55
Was just too cruel for an porn and normally that is not an issue.
Posted on 23 January 2014, 01:29 UTC by:   Dickus18   
Score +3
Am I the only one here that REALLY wanted to see Boobsie at the dog pound getting gangbanged by dogs?
Posted on 31 January 2015, 23:26 UTC by:   ben569   
Score -18
Thanks for the upload, an interesting story.
Posted on 10 May 2015, 06:39 UTC by:   Hirobi   
Score -7
keep up the good work XD
Posted on 25 October 2015, 19:25 UTC by:   Gizmo8001   
Score +7
I see the same (NEG) comments about his work and once again I think they miss the whole point. I understand that the comments are there to help the artist excel but constant negative remarks without any positive suggestions is counterproductive. If you really don't like his stories or artwork try making suggestions on how he can improve (or just don't read them). Personally, I just enjoy the effort he puts into his work and the variety of his story lines.
Posted on 29 December 2017, 19:02 UTC by:   FasterFaster   
Score +23
It's GREAT at the beginning! Then it becomes too strange...I'm non into the bimbo thing, and around after page 200 it's impossible to recognize the initial character.

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